Look How They Shine For You

Previously I talked about starting my Jaybird journey with Gazebo.  With that done, I’m on to Night Sky.

Like Gazebo, this is much simpler than it looks.  Night Sky uses the Sidekick ruler, which has a bunch of lines all over it as well. But once you understand how it works and use it, it’s so simple. (I feel like I’m repeating myself from the last post).

The pattern includes sizes for crib to King which is really nifty because the stars are actually the same size but it’s the “frame” around the stars that change to make the different size quilts.  Jaybird doesn’t do y seams so what’s also really nifty is the stars are half hexagons.  To put the quilt together, you sew the columns not the rows. So different and cool, right?

Night Sky

The Kona colours used in pattern are not listed in the pattern so I chose my own colour sets.  And then I found the colours listed on Jaybird’s website… Oh well.  I have the orange, green, and purple stars done, just one more colour left then I can start sewing it together.  Although I think I’m going to redo the green ones because I find there isn’t enough contrast between Pistachio and Asparagus.

It’s All Greek To Me

I waste invest plenty of time on Pinterest…who doesn’t?  There are just so many things to discover and it’s a great place for inspiration.  That’s where I stumbled upon the Greek Cross block.  It’s quite possibly my new favourite block.  It’s sort of like a Churn Dash but…not.

I whipped up a quick pattern and thought about using Kaffe Fassett fabrics to make up the cross part of the block however I figured that might be too busy for what I was going for.  I ended up going with Kona Solids (Pond & Mango for the crosses, Bone for background) and Cotton & Steel (XOXO #2 Pencil) for the corner half-square triangles.  The finished block size is 12″ x 12″.  I managed to get the top done in a day and will post a picture once it’s quilted and ready to go.

Greek Cross in Pond

Half-square Triangles have to be one of the most common blocks in quilt making.  A quilt I’m working on is made up of 302 HST….this Greek Cross one has 80.  Needless to say, I’m becoming an expert a HST.  If you need a bundle of HST, I’ll tell you how to do the ‘Magic 8’ method which will save you so much time. Read More