Star Light Star Bright

Progress on Night Sky is coming along nicely!  All the stars are done…welllllll, I have six seams left on the white/silver stars but the stars are basically done.  Now I just have to add the sashing…frame….borders?  Whatever the black pieces around the stars is called.  That is my quilty goal for July.  To get the sashing done around the stars, and hopefully get the top done!

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Look How They Shine For You

Previously I talked about starting my Jaybird journey with Gazebo.  With that done, I’m on to Night Sky.

Like Gazebo, this is much simpler than it looks.  Night Sky uses the Sidekick ruler, which has a bunch of lines all over it as well. But once you understand how it works and use it, it’s so simple. (I feel like I’m repeating myself from the last post).

The pattern includes sizes for crib to King which is really nifty because the stars are actually the same size but it’s the “frame” around the stars that change to make the different size quilts.  Jaybird doesn’t do y seams so what’s also really nifty is the stars are half hexagons.  To put the quilt together, you sew the columns not the rows. So different and cool, right?

Night Sky

The Kona colours used in pattern are not listed in the pattern so I chose my own colour sets.  And then I found the colours listed on Jaybird’s website… Oh well.  I have the orange, green, and purple stars done, just one more colour left then I can start sewing it together.  Although I think I’m going to redo the green ones because I find there isn’t enough contrast between Pistachio and Asparagus.

Bird Watching

I’ve officially started my quilt journey with Jaybird Quilts.  And boy, it looks like I’m gonna journey pretty far.

I’ve mentioned before that I received the Gravity kit at Christmas 2017 (very excited) but, in all honesty, it’s a pretty intimidating quilt.  I know a few fabulous quilters who have made Gravity and they all say I will have no problem with it.  I don’t doubt them but still….it’s a huge quilt that requires precision and special rules to make.  I need to work my way up to it especially since I’d never used a Jaybird ruler before.

So I started my journey with small steps – Gazebo.  A 20″ x 23″ table topper.  Quite a few things surprised me with this project.  First, I didn’t buy any fabric (well, I went “shopping” in Momma Bear’s stash), and the only solid is the grey! Shocking right?

Gazebo - Jaybird Quilts

Second (more importantly), this pattern uses the Hex N More ruler which is so. simple. to. use. Oh. My. Lanta. The ruler looks very complicated with lines everywhere but once you start using it, it becomes very clear and simple.  Every piece just fits together beautifully.  There are no y seams (to be honest, I’m not really sure what a “y seam” is but I don’t hear very good things about them).

Hex N More ruler

I loved how this came together and it only took an afternoon to complete the top – from cutting to the last seam.  Now I’ve handed it off to Momma Bear for some ruler quilting.  I’ll most likely post a picture on my instagram when it’s completely finished.