Quilty Box (April 2018)

Sometimes I have really great self control when it comes to impulse buying.  Other times, not so much. A good example of this is when Olfa gave a sneak peek of the April Quilty Box.  They announced that their new Pink Splash rotary cutter would be in the April Quilty Box and my self control went out the window.  Instead of just waiting and buying one at a local quilt shop, I decided I’d try Quilty Box for a month and see what it’s all about.

Quilty Box
Quilty Box starting at $48.00 USD

If you’ve never heard of Quilty Box before, it’s a monthly subscription box (the size of a shoe box) that has a retail value of over $60 USD.  There is a monthly theme based on a featured artist’s style and contents include 4-5 Exciting Quilting Products like pre-cut fabric (from charm packs to half-yard bundles), thread, notions, or patterns.  5% of profits for multi-month subscriptions is donated to Quilts for Kids, and they offer free Shipping in USA – $10 Shipping to Canada, $20 to other countries.  A Month-to-Month subscription costs $48 USD/month but you can also choose 3-, 6-, or 12-month prepay subscriptions.

Quilty Box Opened
Quilty Box April 2018 included Foundation FQ bundle, Aurafil thread, Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter (not pictured), and Bundles of Inspiration booklet.

So, I signed up for the Month-to-Month, used a $10 off coupon, and ended up paying around $63 CDN for one box.  Yeah, that exchange rate is a killer.  All because I wanted a pink rotary cutter.  In addition to Olfa’s cutter, the box contained a FQ bundle of Foundation, Shayla Wolf of Sassafras Lane Designs’ debut fabric line, a spool of Aurafil thread, and the Bundles of Inspiration booklet that includes a pattern designed for the fabric.  I do love the Foundation bundle (those colours!) – it’s fabric I would probably lust after but not purchase so I am very happy about receiving it.

Is it worth $63 CDN? I’m not so sure. If I lived in the US, I would be subscribed without a doubt but honestly, I just can’t justify spending that much as a Canadian. Unfortunately.  You can click here to find out more about Quilty Box and/or sign up if you want!


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