Cut It Out

Variety is the spice of life.  That’s what they say.  Clearly, that’s why I have 5 rotary cutters. Also, because they are just so pretty.

Rotary Cutter Collection
Olfa Breast Cancer, Fiskars, Olfa Splash, Minc LED cutter, Tula Pink.

I’ve actually added one more…the new pink Olfa Splash cutter (which I received in a Quilty Box but more on that in another post).  What I really want to talk about though is the Tula Pink cutter. #notsponsored

The Tula Pink cutter sells for $89.99 CDN (plus tax) which, let’s be honest, is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know anyone who has bought one.  I ‘won’ mine through a silent auction at a quilting retreat for much less than $90. I assume the hefty price tag is because it’s made of aluminum alloy. And has a fancy paint job.

The curved handle design allows for even pressure which makes for clean cuts, works with both Left and Right Handed configurations, and has a very nice secure locking blade guard for safe usage and storage.

Because it’s made of aluminum alloy, this cutter has a great feel in your hand.  The weight is really nice.  And did I mention it has a fancy duo chrome finish? So pretty.  BUT it does catch lots of fuzz (see picture above).  I find that I need to remove the blade and clean around the edge after cutting.  I assume this is due to the blade cover because no other cutter, which are all ‘open blades’, does this

I was at three retreats in April and did plenty of cutting with this rotary cutter.  It is my favourite at the moment because of how it feels in my hand. And it looks so pretty!  If it were around the $30-40 range, I would definitely be telling everyone to get one.  For $90 would I recommend this? Unfortunately no – unless money isn’t an issue for you.

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