Creative Playlist

When you’re working on a quilt (or whatever), are you in silence? Do you just hear the hum of your machine as you stitch along?  Or do you have something on in the background, either the TV or music?

I usually have music playing.  I’ve tried with the TV on but I get distracted because I usually end up paying more attention to the screen than my machine (and out comes the seam ripper).  If you ever see me at a retreat, at some point in the day I’ll have headphones on.  I’ve been told this can come across as rude but I’m not trying to be rude!  I just get in a groove and become more productive…and I just love music.

My iPod has….well, to be honest, WAY to many songs so I’ve started a Spotify playlist to listen to while I work and I want to share it with you!  I’m going to add 10 new songs every Friday.  You can follow my Spotify playlist by clicking here or you can search Spotify for “girlxfabric” and follow from there.

Do you have your own playlist that you listen to? Any song recommendations?  I always love discovering new music so send your recommendations to me using the Contact page or let me know in the comments below!

Reindeer Beats


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