Only 361 days until Christmas!

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!  This year was one of those Christmases where I wasn’t really sure what I wanted so my wishlist was very short.  But because my family is awesome, I was happily surprised by a few gifts under the tree especially the fabric kit for Postcards from Sweden by Jeli Quilts – I was definitely not expecting that!

When Momma Bear started quilting years ago, my best friend (Kimmeh) and I asked her to make us each a big block quilt.  We got the fabric, set the layout and even used minky for the backing (sorry Momma bear!)  At the time, these quilts were amazing…a bit very bright and so not colour coordinating but we loved them.  Fast forward 14-15 years, we are now both 30 years old and our tastes have matured quite a bit….and Kimmeh’s quilt is confined to her bedroom because it doesn’t do anything for the rest of the house decor.  As soon as I started quilting in July, I knew I was going to make her a new quilt for this Christmas. She was in desperate need, amirite?

Greek Cross quilt for Kimmeh

I really wanted to keep this quilt for myself because…well, I did a pretty amazing job on it.  This definitely is one of my best quilts to date and the first time using a pantograph on a quilt.  That experience was fun – it’s not as easy to follow lines as you would think, and the thread kept breaking (if you know why, please feel free to provide some advice in the comments) but I would definitely do a pantograph again (and will soon!)

I included a picture of the label because I can’t stress enough how important it is to add a label to all of your finished projects.  If you don’t add a label, years from now when anyone is admiring your hard work they won’t know anything about it!  A painter always signs their masterpiece so why wouldn’t you?

When making a label, you should include:

  • Quilt name
  • Pattern name/designer
  • Pieced by
  • Quilted by
  • Date (or at least the year it was finished)
  • Location (I would recommend including the city and province/state)

It also can make the quilt much more meaningful and personal.  I included the quote, “It seems they had always been, and would always be, friends. Time could change much, but not that” on the label because it really reflects our friendship.  Many things have changed in both our lives, we even lost touch for a while, but we’ll always be the best of friends and time can’t change that.

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