My Fair Isle

If I could knit, I would always knit the Fair Isle pattern.  However, since I don’t know how to knit, I’ll just design a Fair Isle quilt instead.

My Fair Isle

Feeling creative, I drew out the design on graph paper (shhh…don’t tell Photoshop) and went to work on figuring out if this were to be a full size quilt or a wall hanging….or something in between.  I settled for wall hanging with a final approximate size of 23″ × 23″.  Yes, that means tiny 1 inch and 2 inch squares make up this beauty.

I like how this turned out even though it’s far from perfect.  Originally I was going to quilt an overall 1 inch grid however I changed my mind (and took out some stitches) after realizing how not-so-good that would look.  I ended up just quilting a quarter inch echo in coordinating thread.

Did you know that there are multiple ways of binding a quilt? I sure didn’t.  There’s a way to bind a quilt called “Faced Edge” (I’ve also seen it as “Knife Edge”).  Basically this means facings, instead of bindings, are used to finish the edges of a quilt.  It gives the quilt a very modern and contemporary look since the quilt design finishes at the edge.  That’s how I finished this wall hanging and I’m definitely going to try this method again for wall hangings.

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