Mystery creates wonder…KQG Pt 1

I’m participating in the Kanata Quilt Guild’s mystery quilt! Since I started quilting, I have yet to make a quilt top that is from an ‘actual’ pattern – they have all been my own designs.  You would think that since I’m a beginner I’d want to follow a pattern but….nope! So this will be a first for mystery quilts and a first for actually having a real pattern to follow.

I was a little hesitant to sign up because I actually don’t like the ‘mystery’ part of a mystery quilt.  How can I choose the right fabrics if I don’t even know what I’m making??  Luckily, my first ever quilt retreat was with the ladies from the Kanata Quilt Guild and most of them were working on their mystery quilt. I was able to see what fabrics others had chosen and get an idea of what I’d like to do.  I decided to go in a completely different direction than everyone else…I went the way of Christmas fabric. I absolutely LOVE the fabric I chose so I’m excited to get the next installment.  The backing fabric is the cutest ever but you’ll have to wait until the quilt is done to see it!

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