and sew, the adventure begins…

Let me take you back to July 2016. That was the month I decided that I was to be a quilter.  Ok, so that decision was easy – after numerous years of watching Momma Bear create beautiful works of art, I thought I would give it a go…I definitely have the best ever mentor/instructor/inspiration right at my fingertips.  Now I have to decide on a pattern…and fabric. Oh the fabric!  This will always be my downfall as a quilter.  There are just TOO many fabrics available!

There’s a pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co. called Tag Team that I saw in one of the BLOCK magazines.  I loved the look but hated the borders. (Side note: I’m not a huge fan of borders.  I know sometimes they are necessary but if I can make a quilt without one, I will.)  This was going to be my first quilt…sans borders.  So off to Photoshop I went to create my pattern.


I enjoy working in Photoshop because I  can see what the pattern will look like with my colour choices and have the ability to change whatever I want to.  I knew that I was going to use Kona Solids and originally I was going to do a gradient from aqua blue to deep purple…then blue to green…then pink to purple…then light blue to dark blue.  I liked the colours but I didn’t love them.  Then I tried blue to grey. Winner winner! Loved it! Couldn’t wait to start it!  

The pattern is simply all snowball blocks which is great because most of the points don’t have to match up.  Once I cut all my squares, I was so ready to get sewing.  It took me 2 days to get the quilt top done…from buying to cutting to piecing.

And then it was neatly folded and placed on a shelf. Because I didn’t want to ruin all my hard work with terrible quilting, I patiently waited for Momma Bear to get it loaded on her longarm….which happened mid-October.

It was beautifully quilted by Momma Bear, excess batting and backing were cut off, binding sewn on and hand stitched down in a only few nights. And after a few attempts to get the label printed (Pro Tip: Always spell check!) I finally had it ready to go.  It’s not perfect but for my first real quilt, I’d say it’s pretty darn awesome.

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